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Bloomsberry Infographics

The trend of infographics, initiated in part by the mighty Feltron Report, has spawned a number of truely amazing (and bizarre) infographics. Not to be left out we set about graphing a set of data we were very familiar with (the world of Bloomsberry & Co.), wondering if in the process we would gain additional insights to the business and their fan-base. Alongside our trusty Illustrator we used opensource tools to reveal the data: BatchGeo and OpenOffice. So, what did we learn? I'm afraid it's all top secret.


Showing the designs designed by the designers between 2001 and 2010.

Showing the popularity (by revenue) of a designs dominant colour.

Showing the distribution of distributors in the United States of America.

Showing number of different products sold by Bloomsberry & Co.

Detail of Bloomsberry products on offer.

Twitterstream for the word ‘emergency chocolate’ for the week prior to the creation of the graphic.